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Quilt Preparation
General Instructions
The three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independently of one another.
Please do not pin or baste them together in any way.
Back should be 8 inches larger on the top and side than the pieced top.  Example, quilt top 72" x 90", the back & batting should be 80" x 98"(see illustration below)
Quilt Top
Top should be free of loose threads and all seams should be as flat as possible.
No embellishments should be on the quilt.  Example, beads, buttons, or any other protruding element.
If your quilt has a defined top or any other unusual assets please place a piece of masking tape or paper attached with a pin and  the information necessary. 
Press quilt.
Back must be square. That means equal on all sides. No ragged edges or selvages.
If there are seams on back they should be pressed open. This eliminates bulk and fighting between front and back seams.
All selvages should be removed from your fabric.
Do not expect me to center a back that has been pieced, this is almost impossible.
We prefer one piece backs, pieced backs tend to sag and therefore may be more susceptible to pleastsin the back. I have some wide backing in stock.
As a distributor for Pellon Batting, I have most of the batting types out there. This way you don't have to run to the store or store your batting. It is superior batting and has no wrinkles or lumps.
If you bring your own batting be sure it is compatible with machine quilting and it is the same size as the backing.
Check the quilting density of the batting so an appropriate patern can be selected. If you don't like dense quilting, select a batting that is 8” to 10” apart.

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