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Quilting Terms
     All over quilting: 
       The same design repeated over the entire surface of the quilt.  There are many designs to  select from and there is sure to be a theme that is right for your quilt.  Usually charged at $.015 per square inch.
     All over quilting with one border:
       The same design in the body of the quilt.  A different design in the border.  Usually charged at $.025 per square inch.  Each additional border add $.005 cents to the above.
      These quilts have several special designs and treatments such as stitch in the ditch and echo and trimming around designs in the quilt or appliqués.  These quilts can be for shows.  These range is from  $.04 to $.06 per square inch.

What quilting machine is used? Where is the quilting done?
   My Gammill Statler Stitcher that is set up in a room finished specifically to accommodate it and the growing business. The room is air conditioned and smoke free. This means your quilt will remain clean, fresh and odor free.

How do I get my quilt to you?
    I live in Citrus Hills area, local customers are seen by appointment at the time their quilts are entrusted to me for service. If you are not local, you may ship your quilt for service. Please email me for additional information (email and phone numbers at bottom of page).

Technology changes, new techniques and styles become available, how do you learn about these?
     I have attended classes under these teachers: Sharon Schamber (a 3 time Best In Show winner at the Houston International Quilt Show); Page Johnson;  Al Hutchson; TJ Spiecer; Kim Diamond; Anita Shackelford; Valerie Schlake; Georgia Stull; Debbie Tribble; - Julie Crossland; Karen Farnsworth; Kelly Gallagher-Abbott.
     I attended the SUGAR Conference in June 2012. 
     The software in the computer I use with the Gammill is updated frequently and my stock of patterns is constantly growing.

Are you a member of any quilting organizations?
    Active member of:  Citrus County Crackers Quilter Guild;  Florida Statler Users Group;  Creative Quilters of Citrus County

Do you teach?
     Yes, quilting and Statler’s Creative Studio: have run classes at quilt guilds and a local sewing/fabric shop
            Next scheduled class will be Oct. 24 at Creative Quilters of CC

What else should I know?
     I can also make an embroidered custom label for your quilt.

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Distributor, selling wholesale direct to longarm quilters.


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