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Applying Borders to your Quilt

Press your quilt to so it lays as flat as possible

Measure the perimeter of your quilt. This is to estimate the amount of border you will need for your quilt. Math for this is: length of top and bottom added together, times two. Divide that number by 40 inches then round up to the nearest whole number. That will be the number of strips you will need to cut for the first border and you will repeat this procedure for the subsequent borders that you may want to add to your quilt. (ie: top 60” - side 80”, 60 + 80= 140 ins, 140x2=280. 280/40=7 strips. In this instance I would cut 8 strips just to be on the safe side. If we were cutting a 4” border then you would need 32” of fabric for the first border, 4x8 strips in this case).

Sew your strips together if necessary. DO NOT miter your pieces. Yes, they look better but they stretch. We don't want stretch.

Measure your top. You can measure in three places or do the center method, whichever you choose.

Lay two pieces of border down one on top of the other. Square up one side. Cut the other side the length you have determined. Both pieces are exactly the same length.

Quarter both pieces of your border and mark in some manner. Quarter both sides of the quilt you will be attaching the border to.

Start at the center, match your border marks with your quilt marks. This will ease any fullness you may have on the outside edges of your quilt.

Press out the borders you have just completed.

Measure your quilt in the opposite direction and repeat the cutting directions for the border and apply in the same manner as the other two.

Your quilt should now be square. With this method, you will know  how well you have done with your piecing.

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