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New Jersey Beanfield Earthdogs was founded as a hunting club, with members required to hunt during the year and work at events hosted by the club.

  We hope that you’re looking forward to a new season of field sports and earthdog activities with your terriers and dachshunds.

Our goals were to educate owners about their dogs’ instincts, to encourage owners to pursue field sports with their dogs, and to provide a local venue offering educational and trial opportunities for working terriers and dachshund owners. We believe we’ve accomplished these goals, and hope you agree.

The NJBE members thank you for your support through the years, and hope that you’ll continue to look for events and opportunities that encourage your dogs to use their hunting instincts.

Undoubtedly you’ll see some of us in the future and we hope you’ll say “hello” and let us know how your dogs are doing. We’d love to hear about your adventures, lessons learned, and the successes of all owners and dogs that have been a part of the NJBE family.

We enjoyed hosting our events, learned a lot, shared a lot, and hope you and your dogs went away better for the experiences. Our memories are happy ones and hope yours are too.
   Our dogs in the field, where it all started.