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Learn More About Border Terriers
The Border Terrier in Brief,   A brief description of the breed written by experienced breeders, the BTIB gives you
information about the Border Terrier's personality and care, the strong points and possible drawbacks of owning one.
As with all breeds there are a lot of things to be considered before deciding to own a Border Terrier and this booklet
 was written with that in mind.

BTCA Ethical Standard, this Border Terrier Club of America publication outlines the responsibilities of breeders and
companion dog owners regarding  health clearances and dealings with the public, presentation when showing, etc.  BTCA members
are expected to abide by it and it is a good reference upon which to base questions when talking with any breeder. 

Research, the Border Terrier Club of America is a great source of information about the breed, responsible
ownership and finding a responsible breeder.

This Annotated Standard, originally written to benefit those interested in judging Border Terriers, gives an in
depth explanation of the standard and will serve to help anyone interested in learning more about Borders.
Download PDF of Annotated Standard

Finding the right dog for you, one that matches your lifestyle and will be a much-loved companion for many years can be an
interesting and rewarding search. The American Kennel Club has several publications written expressly to help in that search.
The AKC promotes responsible dog ownership as the way to ensure that you enjoy living with your dog, that your dog is happy
and healthy and that your dog is welcome when you take it with you.

Impressed by dogs in movies? Border Terriers and other dogs in the movies, read this to learn more


The Border Terrier parent club, the BTCA, recommends that certain health clearances be done on all breeding stock.
If you are contemplating getting a Border Terrier ask the breeder about health clearances on his/her dogs.  Even if you
don't plan to breed getting the clearances done is a good idea and will be appreciated by your dog's breeder.
Learn more about health clearances and check the online data bases for all of them at (CHIC) Canine Health Info Center


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