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Information about Health Clearances

   NBTC suggest you visit the Border Terrier Club of America, Inc. Health page to learn more about health tests recommended for Border Terriers.

  The DNA test is available for Border Terriers to check for carriers of SLEM.  What is Spongiform Leukoencephalomyelopathy?
This mutation is also known as “shaking puppy syndrome.” Spongiform Leukoencephalomyelopathy (SLEM) is a hereditary disease of Border Terriers.
  Puppies with this disease show an uncontrollable shaking of their hind limbs as soon as they begin to stand and try to walk. As the puppies grow, this shaking can affect the entire body, and the prognosis is poor.
DNA kits can be ordered here:

    This is another site that can be visited to learn more about health clearances and to check on dogs' clearances. http://caninehealthinfo.org/brdreqs.html?breed=BRT


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