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The Versatile Border Terrier

   Owners of Border Terriers enjoy doing many things with their dogs. The breed is versatile and capable of all sorts of activities, whether formally organized events or casual pleasures you enjoy on your own. There are some things that Border Terriers do better than other things, some things they exhibit great interest in and some they will not care about. You need to remember that all dogs are individuals and what one may enjoy another may not. However, Border Terriers LOVE being with their families and a well behaved dog always makes any endeavor more fun for everyone involved.

   Some owners enjoy taking their terriers to earthdog tests or into the field, others enjoy the challenge of the show or obedience rings. You may find Borders in agility trials, tracking tests, rally events or simply enjoying a walk around the block with their owners. There are Borders that serve very well as therapy dogs, others who accompany their owners jogging or hiking and others that pass the time in a more leisurely fashion.

    Some owners do many activities with their Border Terriers, conformation, earthdog, obedience, tracking, agility or other things. Their dogs often have titles at both ends of their names. The BTCA National Specialty now covers several days of activities, including conformation showing, earthdog  and tracking tests, obedience  and agility trials.

    Many members of the NBTC never enter their dogs in an organized event. They simply enjoy getting together with other owners on occasion, learning about the breed, swapping stories and hints about care.

    To learn more about some of the activities the NBTC supports and the other events open to Border Terriers use the links on this website (Events &/or Links buttons) as a place to start.


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