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Tickner's Terriers

Author:  John Tickner
Binding: Hardback
Condition: Excellent
Jacket: Yes
Edition: 1
Year Pub. 1977
Size: 5.75x 8.75"
Publisher: Stanadfast Press
Illustrator: John Tickner
Price: $20.00
Pages: 79

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    About this book: "There is no doubt that terriers invented themselves, even before the Middle Ages, and not only do they intent to stay but also insist upon making it clear that they regard themselves as Top Dog, above all other dogs and herefore above Man, too. 
    In his new book, John Tickner, himself owned by a terrier for many years, deals with all aspects of terriers - their strong personalities, their sportsmanship, their sense of humour and above all, their ability to do whatever is best for terriers. "
    Humorous illustrations by the author make this book even more fun.
Small tear on top front of jacket.                                   
   From his chapter on Working Terriers:"Unlike most humans, most terriers enjoy being working animals but most of all they enjoy choosing their own work. Centuries of being in the family business have developed an instinct for preferring to work underground, usually in other animals houses, and digging holes, often in other people's gardens."


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