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Tickner's Dog House

Author:  John Tickner
Binding: Hardback
Condition: New
Jacket: Yes
Edition: 1
Year Pub. 19768.75"
Publisher: Putnam & Company
Illustrator: John Tickner
Price: $20.00
Pages: 80

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dog house
From jacket: "Man loves dog and Dog loves Man, or that is what most so-called dog-owners fondly imagine. But, is there not a possibility that Dog has been pulling Man's leg for centuries? So-called dog owners thing they are taking their dogs for a walk, when it is often more likely that the dogs are taking them for a ride. The master-mind may well be at the collar end of the lead.
     This is the theme of John Tickner's latest book - Tickner's Dog House - and it is an invaluable guide to all those whose lives are mixed up with dogs of all kinds, from those who are still working as Hounds and Gundogs and Sheepdogs down to dogs which were originaly invented to do some work but have been clever enough to become pets and avoid living in any sort of Dog House.



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