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Hunt and Working Terriers

Author: Capt. Jocelyn M. Lucas M.C.
Binding: Hardback
Condition: New
Jacket: Yes
Edition: 3
Year Pub.: 1995
Size: 5.5 x 8.5"
Publisher: Tideline Books
Illustrator: Photographs
Price: $45.00
Pages: 367
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 Forward by Brian Plummer. "If you needed information on the crusades you would consult Runciman, if you wished to enquire into the decline of the Roman Empire you should reach for a volume by Gibbon. Likewise if you wanted to learn about working terriers you would seek out a copy of Lucas; Hunt and Working Terriers, that is if one could be found ...Quite simply it must be regarded as the definitive book on the working terrier. "
"Lucas was no armchair hunter, there is no British quarry he has not pursued, no terrier orientated activity he has not enjoyed.  He once issued a challenge to any terrier keeper to field a team of working dogs against his own well known Sealyham terriers. Such was the respect for Lucas that there were no takers."                                       


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