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Fox Hunt Badges from England 
These badges are all from my personal collection. With the exception of the older Coniston one(red 2) they have been kept packaged. I followed all the Foxhound packs shown at least once, in some cases many times over the years.
Be sure to visit my list of Working Terrier and Foxhunting books here.
These books are all from my person collection which I am reducing.

   Blencathra Foxhounds      $25.00
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   Coniston Foxhounds      $25.00
    View back    Sold
   This badge has a safety clasp

   Coniston Foxhounds      $25.00
   (Hound)        View back

   coniston red-1
   Coniston Foxhounds      $25.00
   (red 1) This badge has a safety clasp
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   Coniston Foxhounds      $25.00
   (red 2)
    View back   Sold
  coniston 3
   Coniston Foxhounds     $25.00
    (red 3)
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   Eskdale Ennerdale Foxhounds
    $25.00        View back

  Lunesdale Foxhounds        $25.00
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  Melbreak Foxhounds     $25.00
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   n lonsdale

  North Lonsdale Foxhounds     $25.00
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   Ullswater Foxhounds      $25.00
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   German hunting club badge   $25.00
  "Jagd zum whol der natur" means
 "Hunting for the good of nature"
 View back, badge has safety clasp
  (This badge was given to me by a     fellow marcher at the Liberty &   Livelihood March, Sept 22, 2002 in London. )   Sold

 Fell & Moorland Working Terrier Club
    $25.00        View back   Sold

 Fell & Moorland Working Terrier Club
     $25.00     View back

  Birmingham & Black Country
   Field Sports Supporter     $15.00
   View Back, badge has safety clasp

   no ban
   No Ban       $20.00
   View back     Two badges available
    (there are no dark spots on the   pins,  the lighting wasn't the best for photos)

Campaign for Hunting 2003/2004

$15.00        View back

   British Field Sports Society        $15.00
   View back, badge has safety clasp
 (Two available)  No dark spots on badges
   Cyber March, 2005       $15.00
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Patch with sticky back       $15.00


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